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Steamy weather

It’s been hot and humid here this last week. I love the heat but even I am ready for a little break. I still lay in the sun everyday, swim in the pool and fuss with the garden but about 3pm I have to retreat to the office and turn the AC on dehumidify. That makes a world of difference, the actual thermometer temps are not so bad, mid to high 90′s F.

But oh, the humidity! That’s been very high and it gets tiring. We still aren’t sleeping with AC but the thought has occurred to me several times this week. I love the openness of our bedroom, one wall is open to a small terrace and the sky. If we move to the guest bedroom where there is an AC, it’s all closed up. By midnight it has cooled off a lot and early mornings are delightful sleeping weather. So far, the openness and the fans are more attractive than closed windows and dry air.

The lilies in my roof pond are really happy in this weather. The water temps in the pond get into the high 80′sF and they are all blooming.


5 comments to Steamy weather

  • The lilies are absolutely beautiful. It’s hot and humid in our corner of the US as well, but we haven’t allowed ourselves to do without A/C. Funny how we can tolerate the heat without A/C when in Merida. Probably because we are more relaxed and not busy,busy,busy. We hope to be there for good later this year or early 2013.

  • When I left Melaque, the wild water lilies in the laguna were just getting ready to bloom. Too bad I am missing them. But the nights in San Miguel in the 50s has been a refreshing change.

  • My husband and I have very different views on AC. I like to be in the living room with a fan blowing, he likes to be in our room with the AC. Sadly we don’t have much of a breeze at our house :(

  • I know what you mean… high humidity is the killer. But if you have to sweat, at least you have the company of those lovely lilies…

  • Bettye

    I’ve been thinking about plants in Merida as I peruse my garden shed wondering what to weed out of the various garden tools and trivia…things like the plug-in heated sead starting mat for cold New England springs is definitely not making the cut! I’ve also been culling planters..and dispersing assorted Italian or Vietnamese beauties to friends or terra cotta to curbside offerings with a “FREE” sign attached…It will be interesting to see what actually ends up in the Merida box! Miss seeing you both–will be down end of Sept for quick trip and move scheduled for March first..Hurrah!!