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Rising from the flames

This is tough. I’ve been gone so long that I really don’t know how to begin again. I want to thank all of you who wrote me to see if I was all right. I’m OK now, I was processing a lot of medical stuff and trying to get a grip.

I’ve always believed that hanging around doctors is bad for your health. I went in to find out about my leg cramps. After lots of tests he basically told me that the leg cramps were unimportant, I had a lot worse going on. Oh jeez. I knew I should have just asked someone at the pharmacy what to take. So, more tests, more consults, more sleepless nights while I freaked out. Finally, it started looking better. I mean, better as in you are not going to die in the next year and probably not in the next 2 years but we don’t predict farther out than that.

Somewhere in all this, I decided I needed to change doctors. I had gone for a 2nd opinion to one that came highly recommended and that is when the news started getting less dire. Both doctors though, only spoke Spanish and I was all full of martyrdom and decided I should get an English speaking doctor so when I was on my deathbed they could talk to Mimi and my son. I also thought maybe my Spanish would disappear as I declined. Seriously folks, I was planning my funeral and trying to decide what music I wanted played. Dramatic? uh, just a little.

So, I went off to my old doctor at Star Medica and she basically told me to get a grip I wasn’t dying anytime soon. She also mentioned that I was overdoing the drama a bit. Hmph! She did agree though that I needed to make some changes in my life to keep the old body humming along for a bit longer. She also wanted to do more tests including an endoscopy. I was starting to feel better but when I came out of the endoscopy I discovered I was waiting for biopsy results, that’s not fun. The results were negative, eventually, and I had to start rejoining life.

It took a while for me to stop feeling I was a short timer but I’m back in the world now. I mean, I went and got my teeth laser cleaned! No one who thinks they are dying gets their teeth cleaned, right? Why bother? I thought it was a big step. I’m back among the living, with white teeth and all that remained was for me to write something here and start reading everyone’s blogs again. I had stopped even reading blogs, not just stopped writing in mine. I’m whittling away at the huge number on backlog and hope to be back in the present soon.

The reason I didn’t blog all this as it was happening is that I really don’t want to blog dying, or medical rottenness or anything remotely like that. Honestly, I’d lost my sense of humor about it all and I was pretty maudlin, no one wants to share that. I kept waiting to see the humor in it all but had the news been as bad as I originally thought, I don’t know if I would have gotten to a point where I could be humorous about it. I’ve read some of those end of life blogs and they are really tough to read, especially if you’ve gotten to know the blogger beforehand. I’m probably not someone who can do that. Luckily, I don’t have to make that decision yet and you don’t have to decide if you want to read it either. So, I’m back and I don’t have any great vacation pictures to show for it but I have really white teeth!

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  • Jody

    White teeth AND the greatest sense of humor on the internet. (Oh, I can sooo relate to your woes!) Your fans are so glad to see you back.

  • Welcome back. I have missed you and your blog. And I am happy that your demise is not imminent.

  • Stephen

    “Alwhite” then girl………( you have it say that with Brit voice..a la I don’t like tea……)……………..good to have you back in the land of living!

  • White teeth are a great start mi amiga! It is good to have you back. Yes, many of us were worried when you dropped off the blogosphere. Over the years we have actually grown to like you! ;)

  • Ok, you’re not going to die, can we finally make a spa date? I am in serious need of a pedi!
    Seriously, I am so glad you are finally feeling a little relief.
    Abrazos fuertes

  • Jan & Ken

    We were wondering what happened to you and are glad to hear all is okay.

    Ken and Jan

  • Lee

    C’mon, post a pic of those pearly whites! I’m over the moon that you’re back online. You are so generous with information and details, big and small, and reading your posts makes my day. The Merida blogosphere isn’t the same without you. Be well!

  • thank GOODNESS that’s all it was! I was so worried you and Mimsie had broken up. I was so scared for you two… I really should have gotten over myself and pestered you but I’m very happy so see it was just death bothering you. :) Glad you’re feeling better (if nothing else mentally).

  • norm

    Alive and well-a good thing. It is good to see you’re back.

  • Probably little consolation – but – I would have done the same thing. Try and stay away from the doomsday Blogs – it will help ;-) REALLY glad you are OK and back.

  • janet

    Great to see you back……

  • Connie

    Missed reading your blog and am happy that you are able to write again. Glad to know that your health is good and your smile is pearly white!! Keep smiling.

  • Welcome back to that land of the living. You are like the plumeria bloom, beautiful and very special.

  • Leslie

    Glad your back at it and all is well.

  • Wow, we thought maybe you had sailed off the edge of the flat earth. Miss your wit and words. (Watch for email from me.) ~eric.

  • So glad you’re back and in good spirits! :)

  • Ron

    Good to hear from you!!

    Glad you are feeling better.

  • jennifer rose

    It’s about time you checked back in, young lady. We’ve been worried sick. We’ve been pacing the floors, and we haven’t slept a wink. Not a bite of food has entered our mouths, because we didn’t want to get caught eating in case you called. We haven’t left home, sitting right in front of our computers waiting for you to post something. We didn’t take our eyes off our iPhones and iPads, just in case you might’ve checked in while we on necessary errands, like checking out the latest sale at Costco. We didn’t sleep a wink, not since March 21, 2012. We called all the hospitals. We called the police, INM, ICE, Interpol, everyone we could think of, asking about your welfare. We were just about to dial the funeral homes.

  • Ken Leslie

    Welcome back! We have missed you! Can’t wait to see a picture of the PWs (Pearly Whites)!

  • Details matter. As do you. Nice to see you back in blogdom.

  • Welcome back! Glad to hear all is well. Maybe your return will encourage all of us to post a bit more frequently.

  • Sue

    I checked everyday, and never gave up hope that you would resolve whatever needed resolving and get back to the blog. I truly enjoy your sense of humor and writing style. Thanks for a really enjoyable read.

  • It was nice to see you the other day, and to hear the good news that things are going OK. Welcome back to life, and blogging.

  • Your wonderful writing and observations have been missed. I’m so glad you’re doing better, or better than you thought.

  • Wow, Jonna, so glad you’re back among us! And here I thought you were relaxing in a hammock gobbling up mysteries on your Kindle! Xoxoxoxox

  • Joanne

    Glad that all is well. I too was checking frequently and hoping that there was nothing serious going on. Welcome back.

  • So happy to hear from you. Was worried. Smiling reading your blog tonight..

  • drgeo

    Hooray! So let’s see a closeup of that new smile! Alternately, would like to learn what you’ve been smiling about lately. And did Tope eat all your fish while you were distracted?

  • Jan Baines

    Welcome back! So glad to hear that you are doing better. Hopefully we will get to visit this winter.

  • Phil

    Miracles Happen! I thought maybe you a) drowned cleaning out the pond. or b) the masseuse pulled your arm out of the shoulder socket, so you couldn’t type any more.

    Now get the camera out and show us the jungle in the back patio.

  • Bj

    What a delight to see that you are among the living and are blogging again. I

  • Bj

    What a delight to see that you are among the living and are blogging again.

  • Bj

    Oops! For whatever reason it never occurred to me that something awful might be preventing you from writing. I just figured that you found something that you enjoyed a whole lot more than blogging, to occupy your free time. Ditto the others. Bienvenidos!

  • Like all your other fans and followers, I frequently checked in here to see if you had any words of wisdom for us. And now you DO! Yippee, you are back and in fine form.

    Missed you, kiddo. Besos!


  • And PS…my paternal grandmother always called her suitcase her grip. So when you posted that you were trying to get one, I immediately assumed you were shopping for a new suitcase. Ha! Wrong!

  • Pleased to see you back, and happy that you can resume buying green bananas…

  • Joyce

    So glad you’ll be OK and are improving. Are you taking anything for cholesterol? Cuz very often Statin-based drugs give you leg cramps. My mom was on Lipitor, and had to be taken off it because of horrendous leg cramps (one night she had internal bleeding because of a bad leg cramp which pulled a muscle so bad it bled). She is on Crestor now, which is a lot better for her. I heard Zetia is good too.

    I took myself off all prescription drugs, even the ones they put me on after chemo and radiation. Prescription drugs are mostly poison as far as I am concerned, and not tested well enough. The drugs companies just want to get it on the market, make as much $$$ off it before it gets recalled for horrendous side effects.

    Now I eat 2 tablespoons of raw ground flax seed a day (mixed into my morning blueberry crunch yogurt I make from plain yogurt and blueberries, using Stevia for sweetener and slivered raw almonds for crunch (raw almonds are also anti-cancer). Now my cholesterol is almost TOO low and my MD said to start eating clams, mussels, shrimp, any high cholesterol foods as much as I want. She says the flax seed does indeed work, besides helping your heart and preventing Dementia.

    Anyway, hope Tropical Storm Ernesto doesn’t blow you too hard. ;)

    Thinking of you and also buying green bananas…Joyce

  • WOW Jonna… are we ever glad you’re back… blogspace hasn’t been the same without you.

  • Mic

    I’d like to chime into the chorus of those missing your posts. Have been watching for your blog and wondering. So glad you are both OK and with “white teeth” to show for the wait :-) Is it too soon to request an updated view from your Akumel balconey?

  • kak

    So glad that you are back. Had been hoping, as I frequently checked your site, that your humor would surface soon.