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A new me

Lately, I’ve gotten just a tiny bit addicted to going to the spa. I would not have predicted this, I doubt anyone who knew me would have either. Mainly I go for the manicure, pedicure, foot massage stuff – but I did go once for a facial! It wasn’t that great, it was nice but not worth it for me. The foot massage though, and the green goo and the wrapping, I do love that.

Want to see? Click to enlarge any of the photos.

I know, pretty odd. After the leg and foot massage, she spread this green mud and then wrapped my legs in saran wrap while she did the pedicure.

I’ve been sampling different spas here in Merida, this was over in Colonia Campestre. It was a nice experience but the spa itself was not all that relaxing. The one out in the north by the old bowling alley (now casino) had the best environment. Tinkling fountains, good music, great chairs and two people working on you at once. One doing the pedicure and the other the manicure.

Theresa gave me the number of someone who comes to your house but I haven’t tried that yet. I think part of it is that I like going somewhere and having this relaxing space and not being at my house with the phone and the animals.

This is my friend Sheila at the spa in the north, see how wonderful that looks? I snuck a picture from my identical position across the room. She’ll probably kill me for putting this online.

Sheila has been my spa partner but soon she’ll be leaving and I guess I’ll have to go by myself. Before that though, we have a couple more to try. Pretty soon, I could be a ‘spa guide for Merida’ – wouldn’t that be a good job. I’m up for suggestions so if anyone had a good spa here in the city, let me know.

Other than getting my feet massaged, I’ve been scheduling my life a little better. I’m spending more time in the garden, getting in the pool every day and laying in the sun. I’ve lost that sickly pallor that I hate and I’m getting my usual tan back.

I’ve solved one of my cats vs plants problems. I had to keep aluminum foil around the base of my Adeniums (desert rose) because the cats were using them for a scratching post and killing them. Not very attractive, plants with tin foil wrapped around them. Instead, I went to one of the numerous concrete fabricators and bought some columns to put the plants on. Ah ha! The cats do not like the unsteady feel of the column, can’t reach the plant without standing up on the concrete so they are leaving them alone.

I’m also getting somewhere in eliminating the slugs. I tried drowning them in beer once before and they didn’t bite the bait. I think it was because we only had dark beer around. I’m now putting out saucers of cheap Guatemalan Gallo beer and they are drowning every night. Who knew, slugs like cheap beer. Slugs also won’t crawl across coffee grounds so I’ve surrounded my most susceptible plants with used coffee, put saucers of beer out nearby and finally, I am not looking at slime trails and missing leaves anymore.

The weather is my idea of absolutely perfect – mid 90′s in the daytime, low 70′s at night and the humidity is a low 40%. Warm enough to swim, cool enough to sleep – paradise!

9 comments to A new me

  • Lee

    Is there a stigma against men getting pedicures? Nothing fancy, just keeping them groomed. I need to hold off the gnarly toenails of “old-man feet” if I’m going to wear sandals in the heat.

    • Theresa is right, Dr Scholl’s is a gender neutral spot. They don’t really do pedicures, they get rid of the callouses and trim your nails, a bit of massage but not much. Several of the spas I’ve checked out say they serve men and women. The ones in Campestre are pretty much one customer shops and so you’d be the only one there. It’s not uncommon at all for men to go for both mani’s and pedi’s.

  • I love for you to do a blog listing all the spa’s you have been to and what you thought of each. It may save some of us disappointments!

    • I may have to do that, the Spa Review! Maybe I’ll get a discount if I give them a good review… oh wait, that’s not fair right? Well, I’m a bit nervous about putting the names of businesses, I’ll have to ask about that.

  • Ooooh, nice.
    I know several men who go to Dr Scholls’ regularly for pedicures. Husband has ingrown toenails and due to his injuries had a hard time with cutting his toenails. That is why we started having the manicurist come. So I get a mani-pedi and he gets a pedicure. She also does a “spa” treatment but it isn’t anything like that saran wrap deal.

    I wouldn’t mind a spa day with the works.

    I like having her come to the house because we have her come at 7am and are done by 11am, not possible if we have to go out to a spa. Of course, I know that you think that there is no air available until 10am.
    My desert roses are looking the best they ever have, like you they are really liking this weather.

    I like the heat and lower humidity too, but the water in the pool feels like ice to me. I’m such a wuss!

  • Gads! There really isn’t any air before double digits!!

    The pool is a bit cool, even though we’ve got the black pipes on the roof and the pump is now on mid day. It’s a bit bracing but it wakes me up. I kind of like getting in with my coffee and surveying the garden.

    The ‘works’ at most spas is pretty expensive, I’m kind of reeling from the costs of some of these things. That facial I had cost $500 pesos!! I won’t be doing that again. Mani/pedi is from $150 to $250 each depending on the place. I saw a sign over by the eastern periferico that said mani’s for $25 pesos… I’d be a bit leery of the sterilization though and the fumes from the buses was kind of strong :) I figure since I’m only paying $70p to get my hair cut I can splurge a little on my feet.

  • Cherie

    Had to share that we have a slug problem and tried the beer thing. Our smart cat, Maya, smelled the beer and immediately covered up every container with dirt.

    Also we have two columns in our garden with nothing on them. Why? Because Maya sits on them in her queenly position. They are her pedestals and she knows she belongs there.

  • Lee

    I guess that’s all I’d want — a trim and a barnacle scraping. I’ve tried spa sessions here, and I just can’t really relax.

    I’m not sure I understand your reference to air that’s not available before 10 a.m. Should I hold my breath until then??

  • Jonna, it is a true gardener who discovers all the tricks to ward away slugs and unwanted cat scratches. Unfortunately, it is too late for us to find concrete columns on which to place all of our upholstered furniture.