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When you aren’t blogging, there’s nothing to do with the cool pictures you happen to take. Yea, I can keep them on my phone and make my friends look at them but they are much better on a computer screen.

I do miss blogging when I go into these dry periods. My motivation just sort of dries up, not sure how or why or I’d fix it. I’ve even stopped reading blogs, mostly because I can’t comment anymore.

Anyone else have this problem with blogs on Blogger? I do all the sign in ritual and then it just goes blank and back to the sign in screen. It’s frustrating, I haven’t found a solution for it, and so I stop reading.

I like commenting, I like the conversational quality of blogs, and I hate it when I can’t figure out why something doesn’t work. I even googled the problem but none of the responses seemed relevant. The WordPress blogs still work fine for me but… if I don’t open my blog reader I don’t see them and I haven’t gotten to the point yet of dividing all the blogs I read by program.

I’ve been busy, that’s not an excuse as I always seem to be busy, and I’ve been trying to carve out more time for the garden. If you asked me what is my favorite thing to do, I’d say pottering around in the garden. So, why is it that I have so little time to do that? Bad scheduling decisions is what I think, and I’m trying to change that. I want to keep 4 hours in the middle of the day for the garden, to lay a bit in the sun, swim, play with the critters. Success is elusive.

Instead, I spend a lot of time in traffic. The traffic is horrible right now here in the centro. They are closing streets seemingly at random, rerouting buses, removing all parking on other streets. It’s gridlock in front of my house every day at 1:30pm and traffic is heavier all day. Sitting in traffic can be entertaining, I try not to let it bug me. For instance, this chandelier delivery truck was in front of me for blocks the other day. I maneuvered to try and get a better picture and the guy in the back finally noticed me and started posing.

Maybe I’ll start posting more about plants and the garden, it’s what seems to interest me the most. If anyone can solve my commenting problem, I’d be grateful. I miss my bloggers.

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  • This happened to me some time ago. I could not comment. It is frustrating enough for me but for someone as chatty as Jonna it would be hell!

    1) Try another browser. If you use IE, download Firefox or Chrome and try them.
    2) Update all your browsers to the latest version

    In my case it was a recent automatic update of Firefox that would not play nicely with blogger. Chrome worked fine and when I tried Firefox a week later, it had been updated again and worked as well.

    Come back, We miss you! “Hi” to Mimi!

  • Croft is correct. We miss you a lot. You are a great conversationalist.

  • It also seems lately many Bloggers have a new security system where they supply crooked letters to ‘prove’ you are a person. I often give up on these because I am NOT seeing the crooked letters correctly – does this mean I am NOT really a human- hmmmm?

  • Funny how I kept thinking that other people’s Blogger blogs had annoying comment forms. I keep thinking of switching to WordPress, if I only had time to do it.

  • drgeo

    Glad you are feeling better again. Can’t wait to hear about new plans for ponds and roof watering and burglar proofing. And does Tope do tricks yet?

  • smokesilver

    Yes those “crooked letters” are annoying. I never fool with them. Write what makes you happy that day. We’ll figure it out.

  • WordPress is much more difficult to blog with than Blogger in my opinion and I have both. I think they all have crooked letter comments security things which is why Disqus is cool but I haven’t used it on mine.

    As far as commenting on other peoples lives … people are only so intresting. Glad all my “very best friends” don’t blog or I would too busy to have a life.

  • When Hammockman switched to a new Blogger format I attempted several comments which vanished, never to be seen again. I then concluded that the login was just stupid. So, I then began to write my comments, and next copy it before logging in, because the system was gonna dump it. That solved it for me. Once logged in, I would simply drop the copied comment back into the box for uploading. Hope this helps. (I still hate Blogger, and will eventually switch from iWeb to WordPress, if I ever actually start blogging again.)


  • Hey – GLAD you’re feeling better. Love the photos. I had problems with commenting because of Firefox. But, somehow, with no help from me cause I didn’t know what to do……it works again. I too hate those stupid letter things and just don’t comment on those anymore.
    Still sorry we didn’t get together. Oh well, that’s life, isn’t it?

  • I also love to comment on other peoples blogs as well, but go crazy with the blogger comment post that requires word verification. So many times I just gave up because it told me that I had not entered the correct letters (when in fact I had). I was using Open ID and entered my Word Press information and then hit the publish key. It would continue to explain that I had not entered the proper word verification.

    Then I tried to comment using Name/URL, then entering the word verification. This seems to work for me as I can then publish my comment. I have had this problem using Firefox, but I also had this problem using Internet Explorer as well so it appears to be a Blogger problem.

    I too love Word Press. I previously used Blogger but switched to Word Press many years ago and would never switch back.

  • I’m on WordPress, and in the last 2 months or so I’ve had very weird experiences commenting on Blogger blogs.

    Sometimes they keep telling me my “word verifications” are spelled wrong when I use my WordPress username (like Jim, above), and I have to switch to my Blogger username to post. Other times, the comment screen cuts off halfway down and I can’t post. A lot of the time, the comment box won’t appear at all. Very annoying… Blogger seems to have a lot of issues.

  • Ah, this probably explains why I haven’t had any comments on my blog for several days. I’m not a fan of the word verification, either. Is this something that Blogger installs without our consent or do we have to create it manually? As far as I know, I don’t require it of those who wish to comment.

    Glad to see you’re feeling better re your bout with dengue. Too funny about the chandelier guy…lol.

  • I agree that you may need to switch web browsers or reinstall. And I am very weary of those two-word verifications. Your pictures are priceless. I love the blue heron in the previous post.

  • I too dry up and feel like there is nothing to write about anymore, it’s all just so mundane. And the comments I get are practically all linkbacks to spammy sites so I spend my time deleting them, one by one. Que hueva. Are you out and about again now? Haven’t seen you in EONS.

  • Ron

    I can comment

    I like with when Jonna blogs

    We like her and that woman she hangs out with a lot.

    Thinking of them brings smiles to our faces.

  • Love the street scenes….only in Mexico.

    Photos themselves are a great bog item.

  • I know the feeling. I kind of dried up. I’m sure I will return when we hit the road again.